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22 Fun Gradient Mesh Tutorials in Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

Gradient Mesh is often seen as a tough area to master in Adobe Illustrator. This week we've focused purely on beginner content for those who wish to get into meshing but want to know the basics. These aren't the only tutorials we have on Tuts+, in fact I'd like to share with you many of our others.

Gradient Mesh Week

We posted several tutorials, screen cast and written, to help ease you into mastering Gradient Mesh. Check out the ones you may have missed or revisit those handy beginner tutorials.

  • Drawing manikins are used to help us create a correct pose, but we never draw them as they really are. Maybe it's time to pay tribute to them, along with the Mesh Tool? Whether you have problems with gradient mesh, or you're total beginner to Illustrator, this is the tutorial for you! Are you ready?
  • Follow this tutorial and learn how to create beautiful flowers with the help of the Gradient Mesh function in Adobe Illustrator. We will start with the shape of the petal then using the Gradient Mesh we will add the mesh points and color it. After this, we will compose the flower followed by the stamens in the center. For them, we will use a custom Scatter Brush along with the Transform effect and the Gradient Mesh of course. We will continue with adding details on the petals with the help of the Blend Tool, Pucker & Bloat and Transform effects. We’ll finish with adding shadows and trying other color versions. Let’s begin!

Gradient Mesh: Quick Tips

The Gradient Mesh can be a difficult tool to learn. Let us start off with some handy quick tips that will give a solid overview on how to use it and even tame it!

  • The Gradient Mesh can be one of the hardest tools to control. Even professional Illustrators can be heard crying out in frustration at its seemingly random actions. You can overcome these feelings of frustration by learning some techniques that will make your job easy and fun. and help you overcome the "Gradient Mesh blues".
  • One of the most amazing and confounding tools in Adobe Illustrator is probably the Gradient Mesh tool. Working with this feature allows the user to divide almost any shape into a mesh. Each intersection of two lines (horizontal/vertical) can be colored with a solid color. This tutorial takes a different format than some of our other tuts, and will help you work with the Mesh tool better.
  • In my experience, I needed to cut a Gradient Mesh. Looking for the solution on forums didn't work out for me, so I thought it was impossible! The Knife and Scissors Tool are used for cutting vector objects but cannot be applied to the Gradient Mesh. So I thought that this problem would stay unsolved, but thankfully, that was not the case. As Pushkin, the great Russian poet, wrote: "And the case, the god of the inventor." Look how easily it can be done.

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Technique worked pretty well

by annagypsey

I never could find the YouTube
tutorial "Adobe Illustrator Sketch"
that I was looking for, but I
tried out bring a sketch into
AI and using the pen tool to
bring out the outline.
It works pretty well...
Adobe Illustrator CS5 used
effect->photocopy which
turned a black and white
photo into a sketch. Then
I used the pen tool to fill
out the outline.
Used old photo of me when
I was 21.

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Adobe illustrator tutorials for rendering architecture?

Just wondered where there was a site which I could learn to realistically render architecture and architectural spaces ( interiors and such) I am an architecture major and am working on my portfolio but Have not yet taken the computer classes. Any good tutorials?

I believe you'd be more along the lines of AutoCAD software when it comes to architecture and drafting, but I'm not too sure.

Just google AutoCAD tutorials or Illustrator tutorials....and if you have itunes, there's a podcast called Gradient Mesh that has some good beginner and intermediate Illustrator tutorials...

But, to get to started

luck, and have fun with them!

another nickname
Anyone know of a good website that has a tutorial for the Mesh Tool in Adobe Illustrator?

I want to master the Mesh Tool, and need some guidence to get started, Anyone have any advice?

Simply search or yahoo or google u will get plenty of sites ;-)

even iv learned from there :D


Gabriel D
Help with adobe illustrator?

I am trying to create smoke and make it look realistic as possible.
Is there any website that could help me with that? or any one?

also i am trying to make the smoke look like an eagle.

i am doing this for graphic design class.

Realistic smoke is not something you attempt to make in Adobe Illustrator unless you are an expert with the gradient mesh tool. If you're still in school, you're not going to have the knowledge to pull it off. Even making smoke into something else in Photoshop is difficult.

If you're instructor specifically assigned this type of assignment to you, he/she is being unrealistic, but I suspect this is your choice to create this graphic. If you're really interested in doing this type of effect, I would search google for a Gradient Mesh Tutorial, but there's no way you'll be…

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