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Free Grunge Textures are excellent for designing cool background designs or to add a dark and dirty surfaces for web print purposes. In this collection we have collected 100+ free high res images of grungy backgrounds with dirty, dusty effects and they are completely free to download.

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Note: All images are linked to the download source.

1. Dark Grunge Textures :- This pack contains seven high resolution dark background textures. These stock images can be used for dark theme projects or to create black background designs.

2. Free Grungy Textures :- This pack contain five free grungy stock images and they are created in Photoshop. Designer used some leftover paper scans and blended them with a heavy dose of coloring to add impressive grungy color effects.

3. New Grunge Textures :- This pack contains eight new high res textures and they were designed by combining ten different stock images. You can use them to design wallpaper backgrounds, twitter backgrounds and YouTube backgrounds.

4. 18 Essential Grunge Textures :- This set contains 18 high res textures and they are created by mixing various stock images in Photoshop. This background image pack contains three different style of grunge effects: subtle, medium, and heavy.

5. Colorful Grunge Backgrounds :- This pack contains eight high res background stock images with grunge effect. You can use them to create a nice web background or desktop wallpapers.

6. Grunge Rust Textures :- In this pack you will get five high res rusty metal texture with grunge effect. These worn metal stock images can be helpful to add grunge impression to your artwork.

7. Urban Grunge :- This set contains five high resolution grungy background stock images and you can use them in your artwork, designs, illustrations and photos.

8. Colorful Grunge Backgrounds :- In this pack you will get five new high resolution textures with colorful background designs. These textures can be applied as overlays in your design projects or photo editing projects.

9. Grey Grunge :- This texture pack contains five free grey grungy background stock images. These textures can be used to add a subtle effects to your photography projects or designs.

10. Black Wall Textures :- In this pack you will get five dark bumpy and dirty grungy textures. These stock images can be helpful to add dark black background to your photos, illustrations or design projects.

11. Grunge Stock Textures :- This set contains three high resolution background textures created from concentrate, wall, peeling, rust and wood.

12. High Resolution Grunge Textures :- In this pack you will get four grungy stock images and they are free for personal and commercial use. These background stock textures can be used in web design, photo editing, print design and even in 3D graphics.


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