Free Zelda Texture pack

Terraria Zelda Texture Pack

Terraria ZeldaWe showcase Minecraft texture packs from time to time and have yet to do a Terraria texture pack. Mainly because it’s not as “core” of a feature in Terraria as it is in Minecraft but there are several texture packs in the Terraria Forums Texture section.

This is a texture pack by Levaunt and gives the game a “Zelda” feel.

The texture pack changes every graphic into something reminisce of The Legend of Zelda and is twice the resolution of the default texture pack resulting in a smoother more detailed game. Installing the texture pack is as simple as dropping some files in your Terraria folder and running the new Terraria Texture pack exe to launch the game.

Personally, Zelda aside, I love the new doubled resolution and smoother textures in the game. I have a relatively fast computer so I can’t vouch for it’s impact on a middle-grade or slower computer. Grab it from the Zelda thread on the official Terraria forums and follow the instructions for installation.

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Don't risk it...lab tests are cheap

by I_Tested_My_Popcorn

I scraped off a small sample and put it in a plastic bag and took it to a lab. It only cost around $30 to find out the results. It's not much at all for peace of mind. Once you know it's asbestos free, you can do the removal yourself.
It's messy but SO EASY to do. Plus if you remove it all yourself, you can hire a good handyman off of CL to do it. I have a small condo and it will run me approx. $500 to get it re-textures after I remove it.
If you have any questions as to where to get it tested, go to yahoo and in the yellow page section type in your city and type in asbestos and it will tell you labs in your area

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