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Animation tips part 2: Chroma Key (Green Screen) Tutorial

HASChromaKeyToday’s tutorial is about one of the more advanced features in our Hue Animation software package: Chroma Key. This is often known as ‘green screen’, and it’s the technique used in a lot of major movies and television shows to make people appear as though they’re somewhere else.

The idea is that you completely remove one colour from your scene and replace it with a different colour, background picture or photograph. It’s called ‘green screen’ because most people use a green background and then remove all of the green afterwards.

?sameditframebutton een background means that the colour is unlikely to overlap with any of the actors in your film. You can film anything you want with stop motion animation so green might not work if you’re making a movie about a bright green dinosaur. Experiment to learn which background colours work best with your models.

You can even combine Chroma Key with other stop motion animation tricks, such as making a person vanish as the scene suddenly changes, or drawing on individual frames to create effects like teleportation, growing/shrinking, flight, weather changes and more.

So, how do you get started?

sameditframechromakeycontrolsLearning how to use Chroma Key effectively might seem scary at first but it’s a cinch when you get the hang of it. For this video tutorial we’ve shown some simple Chroma Key effects you can create without any tools other than Hue Animation Studio and your imagination. For even more complicated effects you might prefer to export your animation frames and edit them in Photoshop or another application, then re-import them into your movie again – it’s up to you!

To recap, first you need to capture some frames of animation as usual. Use a plain-coloured background that’s a different colour from your models.

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Backgrounds for animation?

I am considering making an animated short film. I have all my characters, but I'm lacking backgrounds. My characters are sort of anime-ish so the backgrounds would correspond to that. When I watch animated films, I notice that the backgrounds are slightly less sharp than the animated parts of the film but still they are detailed. How far do you go with detail in a background and are there any techniques I could use or watch tutorials on that could help me?

If you are using Photoshop.... check this link

on the software you are using, this link is one of the best I have seen.

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