Maya grass texture tutorial

Video tutorial grass in maya

Got grass? For finish an exterior render project like this usually a realistic grass is a must. But how to do it? In 3d studio max there is a simple shader to make it, in maya the plugin for make the grass is included in maya. Watch this video tutorial to understand how to make photorealistic grass in maya in 3 simple steps.

In this demonstration we go through creating an plane with normalized UV for seeding the Maya fur grass. Am using Maya 2012, but the function are the same since Maya 8.5. y the maya fur to the plane.
- setup the maya fur: base color, top color, density, scale.
- Try a first render test.
- Fixing some additional parameters.
- Apply some flowers with the visor's flower paint effects.
- apply some trees, in the background for complete the scene.

The grass will be light and with poor tile effect:

You will be super satisfied with the Maya Fur grass preset - but yeah, depending on your computer and settings, it can really increase your render time a little bit. nd fast in render. The secrets is not incrase the UV fur samples, but incrase the Density one. And I think the Maya Fur grass looks much better than PaintFX grass.

The second part of this tutorial will show you how to create growing flowers from the maya visor library, the flowers will gradually randomly grow up and will retain their original status when they reach to growing limit. Unfortunately if we using mental ray, it not show the paint effects in render, and we have to convert paint effects to polygons or nurbs surfaces. It will convert with shader and textures.
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You need to study Manga

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There are a ton of books and many tutorials on Manga and Anime on focus on the eyes which is half the battle.
looking at your website on you need to take a bit more time with your work and do something in the background. I know, I know, your just trying to capture a subject. But you seem to be looking to progress. for background composition, find artist who inspire you, and don't copy, but learn how they use backgrounds to play with shadow and highlights and perspective.
nothing wrong with deviantart, they have a very good feedback system. you should join groups for emerging artist and give and well as get feedback

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How to create buttons/links on top of video/photo dreamweaver?

Hi, I am very new to Dreamweaver and trying to learn it myself, been looking through various tutorials.
I am trying to make a website where the first page would be a login page and what I am attempting to do is to make so theres a video running in background and you have a login log on top of it, can anyone give me any advice how to do it or maybe point me the right dirrection? thank you very much x

You can't do a static button on top of a video in DW, since the media inserts are different. As such, the buttons need to a part of the video/animation itself. The only way you can really do it is if it's a Flash animation/video/movie (in which case the buttons are there), by using a JQuery slideshow, or an HTML5 animation (e.g., using Adobe Edge Animate).

A good example of a button over a Flash video is those stupid annotation buttons on videos you see on YouTube. What you'd need to do is create the video with buttons in Flash, then insert them into your page in Dreamweaver…

What video editing software provides this kind of effect in this YouTube Video?

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The intro of the video is a professional job. It's an animated 3D title with spotlights. You could do this with high-end effects software - like Adobe After Effects. Sony Vegas Pro also has 3D animation capabilities. It could be produced with Flash software ...but since Flash is being phased out in favor of html5, I wouldn't invest in Adobe Flash right now.

Corel's Motion Studio is also capable of producing 3D animated titles.
heart+GGF logo in the corner is simple picture in picture which all paid (commercial) software can do. You create the logo in a graphics program or…

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