Adobe Photoshop transparent background

How to Create a Transparent Background in Photoshop

Being able to make backgrounds of pictures transparent has been rather handy for me over the years, working in marketing. Creating brochures, flyers, signage, program booklets, ads, website graphics, logos, etc. are examples of when you may want to remove all or part of a background in a photograph or image. Having transparent backgrounds allows your graphics to work with all background colors. For example, you may want to place (or layer) a logo on a colored background. Most likely, if you have this logo in a .jpg format the background of the logo will show as white. By making the background transparent, you can place the logo on almost any background without the white background covering the lower layers of your document.

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More about Adobe Photoshop transparent background

Need help with Adobe Acrobat 6 and Photoshop 7

by thatslife

Hi all, have some questions, i am using adobe pagemaker 7 to create a catalog for a small company,it contains images and text. i export it to a .pdf file and when i open the pdf file i can see all the images and text.
but the problem is when i print it, some of the images don't show up, they turn into a black square box. what is wrong?
also need help with pagemaker removing some images that i want to remove the background. i open up photoshop 7 remove the background, and save it either as a gif or jpeg(photosgraphs),and also heard that you can try saving it as .esp but when i "place" the image into pagemaker there is a white background again??

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