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: Black and white background

The technical terms in the field of photography like bokeh, depth of field, exposure, f-stop, metering etc is beyond my comprehension, how much so ever I try to grasp these important concepts I fail to have a clear cut idea about them.
Only a few photographers have the real skill to create a beautiful picture right out of their camera and others like me have photoshop to make our subjects stand out from the background.
I am a novice in this photoshop and as such don't use much of its features which can create masterpiece out of nothing. So the simple thing which I did learn is how to make the background black and white so that my subjects will look colorful and stand out in the frame. Check out few of my images which I found worth photoshopping.

Hodgsons Rat Snake

Banded Racer

Bronze winged Jacana

Black Kite

Himalayan Keelback

Purple moorhen

Russell's Viper

Striped Keelback


Black Drongo


The task of doing this, though time consuming and boring (more laborious on pictures taken in low light), its all worth it when you finally see the subject of your pictures, with all the ruckus background dulled, jump out and scream for attention. :)

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 - Can I put text on a transparent background?

Everytime I click the text tool, the background (white) turns pink, and when I type the text (black) turns white!! Well this certainly wasn't addressed on the Help menu for Photoshop. And I just recently got CS5 so I'm still learning how to work with it. Any help?

Delete the background layer, and your text will have a transparent background.

Also make sure the image you are editing is in RGB mode and not Indexed. Click Image > Mode > RGB.

Adobe Photoshop is a complex tool. When you said "this certainly wasn't addressed on the Help menu for Photoshop" - you are right. The help is unlikely to be able to offer much more than very basic help. I suggest you either follow some tutorials, or get a book about photoshop. The practicalities of using photoshop are not really explained in the help files.

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