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Transparent Image Backgrounds in Google Slides

Click image to enlargeOccasionally, you may want to use images with transparent backgrounds in your slides, especially for logos and so on that appear on multiple slides. Unlike some other applications, Google Slides isn’t able to make an image background transparent. You usually need to edit your image using Photoshop or some other program that can manipulate images.

There are a couple of alternative ways that make this task a little easier.

is a clever (and currently free while in beta) tool that makes it really easy to make a background transparent. It’s simply a matter of dragging, dropping, and mapping out the background, with the online tool doing the hard work for you.

Click image to enlargeAfter uploading your image, you’ll see two copies of it side by side on the screen. With the provided red and green brushes, mark in green everything you want to keep (i.e. the foreground) and with red anything you want to lose. The tool will do the rest, even giving your remaining image a neat feathered edge so it fits seamlessly over your background.

There’s a similar tool in Microsoft Office 2010/2013, though I won’t cover that here as many readers won’t have it.

Where you’re lucky enough to have a single-coloured background that you want to make transparent, this is pretty simple in most graphics packages (such as GIMP, Photoshop etc) and in Microsoft Office Word, Excel or Powerpoint since Office 2007. Simply select the background colour, choose Recolor and set that colour to transparent.

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Illustrator/photoshop question

by anythoughtsappreciated

I am trying to bring a logo into illustrator. (it's a gif).
The logo always attaches a bounding box which i can not make transparent or delete. i've tried flattening,rasterizing a higher res. image and than bringing it back down in resolution, i've tried clipping paths and compound masks, etc etc etc
what i want is a free-floating image with no background so that under any set of circumstances it can be applied to a layout without appearing as a white rectangle with artwork inside.
your help is appreciated!

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Photoshop Elements Christmas background.?

For Christmas this year I want to get all my siblings together and take a photo to give to our parents for christmas. I want to know if anyone knew of a free christmas/winter background for photoshop or if there was any tutorial that showed you how to make one (all I have found is how to make a christmas ornimant).


Suggest using/import either winter or x-mas type backdrop,
and import family images,
as well to take a picture locally for background , and use for personal touch,

Philip Augustus
Taking photos of Christmas ornaments?

My mom has a huge amount of antique ornaments from my grandmother. I would like to photograph these ornaments, then have my mom give descriptions of them.
What would be the best way to photograph these ornaments?
What is a good setting? Just a black sheet or paper? Something else to just sit the ornament on? to snap a photo?
What is some good software, to put a photo in. Then add some text? I was thinking genology software. But something must be better?
thanks for any help

I've taken some amazing pictures of ornaments right where they are supposed to be: on the tree, with a zoom. Sure use diffused light if u wish, but i used a normal flash and the effect I got was one of dark backgrounds with a highlighted ornament; thereby highlighting the ornament all the more. Parts of the tree showed up but I liked that since it was very Christmas y.

As far as software, everyone on here seems to like Adobe Photoshop. At least from what I read in other Q's.

And have a Merry Xmas too!

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