Islamic Patterns Photoshop

How to Create Islamic Style Poster in Photoshop

Articles about creating posters in Photoshop are one of the most common tips on the web, because they help you to learn how to use the different Photoshop tools and features through real, practical examples. In our Photoshop tutorial today, we will learn how to create an Islamic style poster in Photoshop using Islamic calligraphy style and motives.

This Photoshop tutorial will guide you through the different steps of creating this poster effect and will show you how to add text to it. You can download the PSD source file of this tutorial by clicking the download button at the end of the article.

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Now, let us start with our Photoshop tutorial:


Begin by opening a new file of A4 size, with the dimensions of 210mm x 297mm.


Set the resolution to 300 ppi and the mode to CMYK (the suitable resolution and mode for print).


The first step is to make a radial gradient with the following colors:

  • First Color, Light teal: Color #1c7a92
  • Second Color, Dark teal: Color ##041114


You can save the color swatch to your swatch palette by clicking “Add to swatches” and giving it any name you like.


You can also save the gradient color to your gradient colors by clicking “New”.


We will duplicate the gradient layer by right clicking, choosing “Duplicate layer” and giving it any name.


Flip it vertically by choosing Edit > Transform and then „Flip vertical”.

To obtain this effect, we will change the mode of the layer to “Soft Light”.


Make a circle selection with the elliptical marquee tool while holding down the “Shift” button (to make it a perfect circle, not an elliptical).


We will fill the circle with a gradient of the same light teal we have used before with transparent, after you chose the color for the foreground. First Color, Light teal: #1c7a92.

You will find this gradient as the second one on the palette.


Drag from top to bottom to get a slightly soft color then fade it to transparent.


Duplicate the layer many times and flip them horizontally and vertically. Duplicate the layers until you get this shape.

You can also scale it to make it a little bigger. To keep the scaling proportionally hold down “Shift”.

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More about Islamic Patterns Photoshop

Any way to change concrete

by countertops?

Hubby and I bought new custom concrete countertops for the kitchen. I'd spoken with the owner on the phone about what we wanted, even emailed him a PhotoShop picture of the part of the sample that we liked. Problem is, they came out significantly differently.
That was three months ago and while we've tried to like these, they really do look like vomit, and not the 'speckling' pattern we requested. The colors seem like what we requested, but the pattern is totally off. Any recourse? Can we just pour something acid all over them? Actually puke on them?
But seriously, is there anything that can be done to modify how these look? The owner has been doing countertops for years, but he's an old associate of my husband's so hubby's reluctant to make waves

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Please someone help me with adobe photoshop and creating repeat patterns with my own designs, I cant get any?

Where with it. I know what I want to do as I did it in class in college but it was years ago and I can't remember how.
Basically I am drawing my own designs and want to make them into a repeat pattern. I am drawing them on paper and I will then scan them into my Computer. Then use photoshop to make them into repeat patterns and put the colour in.
So for example I have drawn a flower. How do I make that one flower into several flowers to make a repeat pattern?
I would be so grateful for any help as I am not getting anywhere with online tutorials and the courses in my…

Ok it's simple abjalolo once you have your flower open in Photoshop go to edit>define pattern and that is all you need to do. :) Then you can use it in your layer styles. :D

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