3DS Max special Effects Tutorials

3ds Max Tutorials: Our Favorites and Must Watches

Introduction to Mass FX Tutorial in 3ds Max3ds Max is a powerful 3D, modeling, animation and visual effects application from used by artists all over the world – and rightfully so. New have been a staple for new training this year and in this post, we’ll take a look at our instructors’ favorite 3ds Max tutorials.

3ds Max Favorites from Digital-Tutors Instructors:

Introduction to Mass FX
Dynamics can be really complex and especially considering that MassFX is a relatively new dynamics system. This tutorial does a great job of demystifying the way MassFX works so that anyone familiar with working in 3ds Max can get a jump start on getting realistic simulations with MassFX.

Creating Cartoon Characters in 3ds Max

Introduction to Modeling in 3ds Max
This 3ds Max tutorial is great for anyone who just wants to get up to speed on modeling in 3ds Max. It goes step-by-step and explains everything really well. This tutorial is great for people who don’t know anything about modeling in 3ds Max and also for people who are already familiar with modeling in 3ds Max but also want to learn how to improve their modeling workflows.

Creating Cartoon Characters in 3ds Max
This tutorial has always been one of our favorites, helping thousands of artists and members learn a production workflow to creating organic cartoon characters.

UV Mapping Workflows in 3ds Max Tutorial

Interior Rendering Techniques with mental ray and 3ds Max
This tutorial covers the complete workflow for creating photorealistic interior renders in 3ds Max. The tutorial not only takes viewers through the critical steps of creating an interior render, but also highlights many common pitfalls and complications that are likely to be encountered, providing valuable knowledge and insight that viewers can incorporate into their own rendering projects. 3ds Max is also very often used for architectural visualization. This tutorial is packed full of tips that every rendering artist will need to know to get photorealistic renders using mental ray in 3ds Max.

UV Mapping Workflows in 3ds Max
UV mapping can be a confusing and cumbersome process, but it is one that is absolutely critical for most texture creation pipelines. This 3ds Max tutorial will teach viewers everything they need to know about UVs, the role they play in the texturing process, and showing how to effectively lay out UVs for complex surfaces.
Utilizing Shading Networks in 3ds Max
3ds Max has a very powerful node-based system for creating materials and textures. This tutorial will give viewers a solid understanding of 3ds Max shading networks, creating various materials and textures found in the real world, and unleashing unlimited possibilities when creating materials and textures for any project.
This tutorial is packed with clever and insightful techniques for modeling hard surfaces in 3ds Max. Viewers will also learn numerous methods for troubleshooting and correcting problem topology, which can be hugely beneficial in any modeling project.

Utilizing Shading Networks in 3ds Max Tutorial Hard Surface Modeling Workflows in 3ds Max Tutorial shark Rigging Quadrupeds in 3ds Max Tutorial

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The best 3DS MAX Tutorial?? On eBay??

I buy a 3ds max tutorial on ebay. But it's not what I expected...
It's more a script training then tutorial to know the software.

So I wanna learn the 3ds max software (not the script)
Wich one is the best?

Thank YoU!

You can find loads of tutorials for free on the web, covering all sorts of subjects from basic modeling to special effects. You can pick and choose what you want and you'll probably find a lot of them more practical than a book.

Try for a start, also and some good stuff at
'll soon be putting some up at my web

within the (free stuff section) so check back in a few weeks if you want.

Hope this helps

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