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Adobe Photoshop CS6 – Background Eraser Tool

ans-4-2Sometimes you take a photo that is great – minus the background. The background just ruins your picture. Photoshop’s Background Eraser Tool is so awesome, that all I can say is OMG! Here is an image that I would like to do something with, but the background has to go. Here are the steps I used to fix my awesome cowgirl’s photograph, while keeping her hair realistic:

  1. Cmd or Ctrl J to create a new layer.
  2. Go into the drop down for the Eraser Tool (E), and choose Background Eraser Tool.
  3. Up in the Options Bar, go into the brush presets and bring to brush hardness level to about 95% to soften it just a little.
  4. Choose the second option (out of three) to Once for the Sampling method. The first one is for Continuous, the third is Background Swatch. The Sampling controls how often Photoshop looks at the color and decides what to erase. Once makes the erasing color one time and will erase pixels that match it.
  5. The Limits menu default is always set to Contiguous, but we want to choose Discontiguous, which works the best to erase similar color through hair.
  6. Turn on Protect Foreground Color and then Option-click or Alt-click a strand of hair.
  7. Now start to erase the background by moving the mouse’s crosshairs to touch only the pixels you want to erase. Use a really big brush for soft areas, where the background peeks through strands of hair, and a small brush for hard edges around clothes and shoes.ans-4-4 increase or decrease your brushes size. Keep Sampling the foreground colors to ensure Photoshop knows what areas of the background you want to erase.
  8. Adjust the Tolerance levels in the Options Bar if you aren’t getting the proper results. Lower it if it erasing too much.
  9. Once you get a clean outline around the subject, just use the Normal Eraser Tool to get rid of the rest of the image, or use a Selection Tool around the subject, Inverse it, and delete what is left of the image.
  10. Have fun adding your subject to another image.

I have always wanted to say, “this isn’t my first rodeo”, however, I have never been to a rodeo, and neither has my little cowgirl, but we can always pretend.

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Photoshop portrait background?

How do you edit a picture and make the background one color completely? it has to blend in really well though

like this :

and taking pictures with a wall completely one color doesn't count (:

I took several pictures of the sky, a sheet, sunsets, etc. And paste the cut-out subject into them.

I may elaborate from my computer. The iPhone can b tedious when it comes to long messages. :-)

●● ♥ ●●
Family portrait photoshop tutorial?

Does anyone know a photoshop tutorial they can link to me that uses photoshop essentials. i want to turn an ordinary family portrait into one that looks like it was professionally taken (with all the lighting). i also want to change the background to a subtle one (the original background is cluttered). any ideas on how to do that as well?

thank you

What you are trying to do is extremely difficult to do. There is no simple way to change the way the lighting looks from what you had in the original. If you want to change the background, then the best tool to use in CS5 is the Refine Edge tool. You can search youtube for "photoshop refine edge tutorial", this will give you a hundred or so tutorials to watch.

Getting good results making changes like this takes practice too.

You might also consider just blurring the background. You will need to make a duplicate layer, blur it, then erase the part…

John S
Photographic portraits with photoshop layers/elements?

I'm not sure what this kind of art would be classified in but, i've seen people portraits, taken with a camera, and someone has gone in with photoshop or illustrator, and added cool filters and layers to random different spots in the photo. I'm not talking like full on cartoon stuff here, the original photo is still "normal", i guess it would be like grunge/modern but as i said i'm not really sure. Does anyone have links to artists that have similar works. I need inspiration. thanks
heh i understand that, are there any artist links you could suggest. btw i am a

That is photography/animation...and yes that is considered art. photography and animation are my favorite. you should get into it its very intneresting

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