Tutorial background title post

How to Center Your Post Title and Date Header

1. Go to your Template Designer.

2. Go to “Advanced”, then click on “Add CSS”.

3. Copy and paste this code into the “Add CSS” window.

.post-title {

text-align: center;

.date-header {

4. Click on “Apply to Blog” and Voila! You are done!


> If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, please comment below! (If you are a no-reply-blogger, you will have to check back to see if I have replied back to your question.)

> If you want to know “how to” fix something or change something on your blog and you want to see it on Blogger Tutorial Sunday, please comment below.

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FYI, just some addressing background

by mshanahan

You don't need to XXX out 192.168.XX.XXX. the 192.168.????.???? is a private address group for your lan. (All my LANS are 192.168.SOMETHING, and I have at times had as many as 6 routers running on my LAN, with only the first one after the DSL modem being the DHCP server) The linksys router will use NAT (Network Address Translation) to hide that from the internet.
Hope this helps.
PS: there are some tutorials available on the web for free on addressing. I know my netgear equipment has one on at least 2 of the CDs for the routers that I have.
Good Luck, and yes Linksys will help you, but in some cases free support stops at 90 days after purchase (Netgear for instance), but I assume that you just purchased these.

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