Photoshop Patterns Paper

Creating Custom Seamless Patterns and Digital Paper in Photoshop

r> Click on the new blank document to add the pattern. Some of my pumpkins are missing part of their stem. If your pattern doesn't look perfect, go back and make sure you put the clipart in the middle of your blank document before using the offset filter. You might have to move it around a bit to get a perfect seamless pattern.

As you can see my pumpkins don't line up properly on the document (they are cut off on the left) and that annoys me. But there is an easy fix!

Free Transform that layer and resize and move the pumpkins until they fit.
Add a color fill adjustment layer under the pattern to add a background color. I clicked on the orange of the pumpkin and then made the final color lighter.
I really wanted the pumpkins to be smaller on my paper. To do this, go back to the pattern you made and make it 300x300 pixels (Image, Image Size).
Save this pattern and put "small" in the name.
Now the pumpkin size is perfect! But the background needs something, it is too boring.

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Adobe Illustrator

by idraw

Has a nifty little RAM hogging pen fill called "stipple." It can be set to various densites, directions, yadayada.
Like sbaylis and others said, photoshop will do it too.
Additionally you can use one or the other to sample your hand stipple style and create either brushes or tile patterns.
Too bad you missed the letraset rubdown age. THAT was easy.
Personally I think hand work still has an edge as far as control goes. There are certain things you can do with pencil, pen and ink on paper that you can only vaguely emmulate digitally.
Yo pays yo munies...

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How do i merge this in Photoshop to text?

I want to add this to text to give it a scratched looked??

There are several ways to do it, but this is probably the easiest (if you have Photoshop CS2 or later):

1. Add that textured image as a new layer right above the text
2. Hold down the "alt" key and move your mouse between the layers. Click when you see a little bucket icon.
3. TA DA!


If you don't have CS2, this is another easy way:

1. Add that textured image as a new layer over top of the text
2. Do a "ctrl+click" on the thumbnail of your text layer. This will select an outline…

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