Texture painting tutorial Blender

UV Unwrapping and Texture Painting in Blender Tutorial

Guerilla Render Passes AOVs 1 day ago

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Optimize your MODO Physical Sun and Sky renderings - Modo Tutorial This Modo Video tutorial will explain why disabling clamping on your sun and sky model will give you much more dramatic lighting effects in MODO....

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Guerilla Render Passes AOVs Guerilla Render 1.0 - 202 Render Passes - AOVs : How to use AOVs in Guerilla Render * AOVs * Light Categories * Full SetupGuerilla Render Passes AOVs, 3d, computer graphics, Guerill...


Guerilla Render Passes Layers Guerilla Render 1.0 - 201 Render Passes - Layers : How to manage the render passes in Guerilla * Split the layers * Matte objects * Render passes selectionGuerilla Render Passes L...

Guerilla Render Passes Layers

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Introduction to MotionBuilder Introduction to MotionBuilder, MotionBuilder, MotionBuilder tutorial, Motion Builder, Motion Builder Tutorial, Tutorial, 3d tutorial, vfx, cgi, 3d, MotionBuilder tutorials, Motion Bui...

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Interop Between 3ds Max 2015 and Mixamo Auto-Rigger Toolset Interop between Autodesk 3ds Max 2015 and Mixamo's Auto-rigging toolset. The resulting FBX contains a skinned rig that can be converted to a 3ds Max CAT or ...

Introduction to MotionBuilder

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All About Particles - Blender Tutorial Lear all about particles in blender with Al Mehud.All About Particles - Blender Tutorial, Blender Tutorial All About Particles, Blender Tutorial, Blender, 3d, 2d, tutor...


Houdini off the Shelf: Flat Tank In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Flat Tank tool from the Ocean FX shelf to interact with an animated prop. To avoid building a huge tank to encompass the distance cover...


Houdini Engine for Unity: Real-Time Procedural Previsualization by Girish Balakrishnan (Building off my work in developing virtual production tools). Girish Balakrishnan present a case study on how Houdini Engine and...

Interop Between 3ds Max 2015 and Mixamo Auto-Rigger Toolset All About Particles – Blender Tutorial Houdini off the Shelf: Flat Tank – Houdini Tutorial Houdini Engine for Unity: Real-Time Procedural Previsualization

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Transparent gif

by cdub

In photoshop, keep selecting all the background until you have all of you want to be transparent...Try deleting background and see if the underlying backgroundis already transparent. (If your final image is easy to select, select it directly.). If initially selecting the BACKGROUND, and you need to get a transparent bckgrnd, inverse the selection so the main subject is selected. You may already have a Transparent background (you'll see the checkerboard).
If you don't already have an underlying transparent background, Copy the selected imaged.
Open new file, with Transparent background

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