3DS Max animation tutorial camera

3ds Max Tutorial | Cameras


Cameras are the main viewing tools in 3D visualisation. They are placed in the scene either manually or from the Perspective viewport and named uniquely. Multiple cameras can exist in the scene, each one with separate views to show the client around the scene. They are also used extensively to aid modelling and to keep a tight hold on what needs modelling and at what detail. Cameras can look at a target or be free to follow a path in animation, and the user can modify a number of parameters similar to a real camera. This tutorial explores the basic process of working with cameras.

Two types of camera are available: Target for keeping the camera view fixed on a point wherever the camera is placed and Free for manipulating freely and for use on path animations such as walkthrough movies

This tutorial explains the creation and manipulation of a Target camera. The use of a Free camera is explained in the 'Animation' tutorial when animating a camera along a path. The basic parameters for both types, however, are explained here

from the Create Panel

  • Open kf401_01.max This scene contains the completed tutorial landscape model (without materials) plus a couple of lights (hidden) to add brightness for this exercise (lighting is covered later)
  • Create Panel > Cameras > Target. The Target button turns orange showing the command is active. The cursor changes to a large cross
  • In the Top viewport left click where you want the camera to be placed then drag (keeping the left finger on the mouse button) to where you want the target to be (ie where the camera will look). Take the left finger off the mouse button to finish the creation process
  • Right click to end the command - the Target button turns back to grey

NOTE: In practice just place the camera roughly and then change the position of camera and target afterwards in the Top and Left viewports thus:

  • Select Camera 01
  • In the Left viewport move the camera up using the Transform Gizmo
  • Select Camera 01.Target and use Move Transform Type-in dialog to move the target to 1.5
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How do make a camera travel around a circle in 3ds Max?

I have a model of a guitar and I'm trying to set up the animation for the camera to travel around in a circle to show off 360 degree viewing. I'm using a path constraint with the camera to a circle to get the 360 but every time I move the camera around the circle weird effects happen. Camera moves in opposite directions, jumps around the circle, or moves to new starting positions. Any advice or tutorials?

First - don't use path constraint on the camera directly.
Instead - use it on a dummy, and link the camera to the dummy.
This way you can still move the camera around the dummy.
Secondly - there are 2 common causes for your problem -
1. The camera is moving a lot faster than you think it is. check the path constraint and verify the starting and ending frame.
2. the camera is aligned (or almost aligned) to the Z direction. if that is the case your only solution is to rotate the whole scene.

Can someone help me with 3ds max please?

I have a city scene and i need to zoom into a window as part of an animation.
ive got a 3ds max book. it cost me £30 and it doesnt help me for this bit.
pleeeeeeease help im so desperate :(
i mean i have 4 sky scrapers with loads of windows on them. and i need the camera to zoom into the window.
thanks so much!

You will have to know how to create a path, and attach the camera to that path -- that's the smoothest with just two keyframes.

Or, I hope you know how to use the Animate button. Try an empty scene first with just a cube. Cube selected, frame 0, Animate button on, move time slider or input frame number move Cube to new location, turn off Animate button. See if that works.

3DsMax does have a wireframe of the Camera in use. you're better off creating a new camera, giving it a name. The vast tool panel over on the right has tabs. One of those tabs has a Movie Camera icon.…

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