Adobe Illustrator Nature Tutorials

20 Beautiful Nature Inspired Tutorials from Vectortuts+

There's nothing like the seasons and nature to inspire great works of art. Today we have have bundled together a collection of beautiful and inspiring tutorials from the Vectortuts+ archives. Covering a variety of subjects from landscapes to water drops there's plenty of projects to help you imagine and create your own fantastic nature inspired illustrations.

In today's tutorial, I'm going to be showing you how to create this garden scene using the Appearance panel, Art and Scatter brushes. Along the way, you will see how Color Guides and using the Rectangular Grid Tool can help you put together a composition.

Today you have a great chance to learn the secrets of creating a real illustration. This artwork belongs to the series of illustrations called "Hanami" which will be participating in the illustration competition for a children's book. "Hanami" is Japanese for "festival of enjoying cherry blossoms." The "Hanami" series has been created by Catherine Dedova (great vector artist). s tutorial, she will share the secrets of her skills with us. This tutorial will be useful for all vector fans, from beginners to professionals.

In today's tutorial you'll learn how to create a bamboo vector illustration with the help of custom art and pattern brushes, blends and profiles on strokes in Adobe Illustrator CS5. Vector bamboo is an excellent element to use in your work to give a classic Japanese fine art print feel, for use as bamboo forest art background in a larger illustration, and to make your vector pictures stand out with stylish bamboo art. >

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a Lotus Flower in Adobe Illustrator. We'll use some basic tools (Ellipse, Direct Selection, Pencil, and more) to draw lotus petals and leaves. Next we'll color these shapes with the Gradient Mesh Tool. Finally, arrange them to become a complete work. Let's get started.

With oil prices the way they are today, everybody is thinking Green. I have done many projects recently that require a Green style applied to the design. In the following Illustrator tutorial, I'll teach you how to create a Green type treatment. It works great for logos and other design elements.

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Here's some advice doom

by dannyboy374

I've been animating and doing 3d work for about 4 years now, and I can tell you, if you do the work in your classes and call it good, this industry is not for you. However, if your idea of a good time is spending 20 hours a week at home banging out tutorial after tutorial, and perfecting every mundane detail of your current project,then this could be the industry for you. Also, you can't get frustrated when you have to open the same project day after day for months.
As for the hardware side of things, here's a shopping list you should use,
Intel/AMD quad core processor
Asus motherboard

Adobe Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Standard (Spanish)
Software (Adobe)


Does anyone know where i can find information on the different tools in adobe illustrator?

Especially the gradient palette, gradient tool, stroke, fill, none, and all four pen tools

*thanks in advance*

You can usually just google it, like 'gradient palette illustrator tutorial', and you'll get bits and bobs up:
something like that... or try to produce something, like maybe think about creating a glass orb, then google that:
'll learn a whole lot of stuff actually putting things into action I think. Just keep doing tutorials and persevering and things will become like second nature.

good luck.

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