Photoshop white background to transparent

Convert White Or Black Background To Transparent In Photoshop

Salam to all my dear blog readers. I know that you would think why I am posting after a very long time. The reason is that my studies are quite difficult & I spend a lot of time on my books. So I am not able to continue my posting on daily basis or you can say monthly basis. But today I am little bit free and my passion to teach you people has aroused. I will tell you now that how can you change white or black background to transparent using Adobe Photoshop.
The method is quite easy and many people know about it but some people don't. Sometimes we download pictures from internet and they have white or black background and we want to remove these backgrounds and make them transparent because we want to use the picture for different styles and shades. Here is a very simple method to change backgrounds.

How To Change White To Transparent

1. Open your desired picture on Photoshop which has white background.
2. Now if your image is locked then you will have to convert your locked image into Layer. For doing this, Double Click on your Small Locked Image in Layer Menu and then click Ok.

3. In layer Menu, Right click on your image layer and select Blending Options.

4. After selecting Blending Options, a window will appear. Now drag the 1st Highlight Bar to the Left. As you drag, you will see that your image background is changing from white to transparent. Stop Dragging when you see that the white background has disappeared and click on OK.
Now your white background has completely changed to transparent.

How To Change Black To Transparent

5. For changing black to transparent, Steps 1, 2, 3 are same but in step 4, you will have to drag the first Highlight Bar to the Right and your black background will disappear.
Now you have done all steps and you can customize your Picture. I hope that this article will be helpful for you and if you have any problem about above article then you can ask in comments.

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Saving Photoshop file to .jpg, WITH transparency

by go_for_it

Hi all - this has been bothering me for awhile; is there a method when you have a file with a transparent background in Photoshop, and want to save it as a .jpg, where it keeps the transparent background?
Everytime that I have tried it, the .jpg process fills it in as a white background. Irritating.
Hopefully, I'm just missing something, as the .jpg format is kinda important for my needs.

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Jamar B
Creating Photoshop Backgrounds?

Can someone please teach me (step by step if not too inconvienet) how to make a background in Photoshop? I know that you can create anything your mind desires on Photoshop, but I wanted to create a unique background. I would truly appreciate it if someone can teach me. Thanks

If you mean how to create an image that will look seamless when it's tiled, here's one way to do it:

- Create your basic image, trying to get most of the interesting stuff in the middle rather than at the edges. (We'll be fixing the edges to tile smoothly.)

- "Offset" the image, so the original corners come together in the middle and the original middle is divided among the corners. (Both ways look the same when tiled.)
In Photoshop CS, you can Select > All (ctrl-A), then Filters > Other > Offset and choose horizontal and vertical…

How to to create a seamless background in photoshop?


one like that? so that it's repeating. i have photoshop cs3 extended, but it's a lot like cs2, if you could give me a website with a tutorial or directions that would be great!!! :) all answers are appreciated.

It could be usage of a custom brush of that pattern

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