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Grunge City Landscape Backgrounds

Grunge City Landscape Backgrounds :: Free PSD Backgrounds

Grunge city PSD background that will certainly add retro look to your project. We’ve added multiple stripe and grunge effects that shine upon the city landscape. There’s a fully layered PSD file included to help you easily change colors, shapes and effects. Perfect use for creatives who seek attractive graphics for brochure designs, flyers, posters, website designs, banners, etc. The grunge city PSD file is available in high resolution (1600x1200px)

Fully Layered PSD File

Resolution: 1600×1200
File Format: PSD

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by anotherdesigner

Is a page layout program, like Quark. However, it integrates many features from Illustrator AND Photoshop. It is posible to do vector line art and edit images in InDesign.
Personally, being oldschool, I still like to build complex elements in Illustrator or Photoshop and place as a single piece in InDesign, but that's just me.
One great feature of Indesign is the ability to place .psd or .ai as transparent art with no backgrounds.
BTW, 300 ppi type tends to be perfectly sharp at a good printer.

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Dimage Photoshop Templates PSD for Senior & Graduation
Software (Dimage)
  • Photoshop templates for Senior & Graduation
  • PSD Layers files size 8x12 300 dpi
  • Working Great with Adobe Photoshop (any)
  • Grunge Style comes with PSD Backgrounds
ABUNIVERSALLLC. Digital Princess Photography Photoshop PSD Templates
  • High Resolution Format 300 DPI, 3 x 2400
  • Used 2D & 3D Elements and special photo effects.
  • This is not a software.
  • You will need a photo editing software that supports these kind of files to be able to work with these images and basic knowledge on how to use them.


Drag and drop photoshop elements template - where to find them (free maybe) or how to make?

I would like to find a (maybe free) template for photoshop elements or given a good step by step guide on how to make a template in photoshop elements. What I am looking for is one of those drag and drop templates that allow me to take my photo from my organizer and place it in the template and it does all the work to resize the image for that area. I want to take about 9 images and make it into 1 large image.

Adobe Photoshop Elements
does come with some borders and frame layouts,
some generic templates can be imported,

may be looking for templates with script actions that place images into frames,
you could be better to design your own layout
make large canvas, place nine images over background, in layers,
save as psd edit file, then create new layers for adding borders and frames,
for each image you can apply drop shadow filters or borders,
or flatten set into one layer, and select background to apply…

Jonah S
How do you keep the background of a template in Photoshop?

I am trying to use a template and on photoshop edit the text to my own info. Is there a way to do this? I want the background the same and to be able to type information in. Thanks

Open your image.

Click the type tool and click the insert in the image where you want the text, then type your text.

PhotoShop automatically puts text on a separate layer.

Look at the layers palette on the right side of the window. You should see your text layer.

Save (as a photoshop .psd file) and print your image.

Next time you open it, the easiest thing to do is delete the layer and then choose the text tool to put another one in.

Or you can choose the text tool and select the existing text (be…

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