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Using Photoshop Grunge Brushes In Layer Masks To Distress

Digital Bird CollageI was editing this texture scan of a monotype print I made (with a Gelli plate) when I got a bit distracted and started playing! It’s another good example though of using Photoshop grunge brushes in the layer mask.

I’ve used various grunge brushes on this digital collage to mask and age the various elements.

Detailed Views

You can see in this detail the cracks and weathering on the vintage bird postcard layer. I also used a grunge brush to mask out the edges of the postcard and to add a splash of green color behind the roses.

This larger detail of the flourishes really shows the aging and distressing. Without this treatment, the flourishes don’t look as integrated.

Here is the layer mask for the grouped flourishes. The brush used here is one of my favorite grunge brushes and is a part of my Free Photoshop Grunge Brushes.

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A small, liberal arts...

by suestew

College in Cambridge, MA thinks it is.
As for me:
In an attempt to discover/create my soul, I do so as if I were traveling through a 3-D painting, adding color and texture and prose where I see fit. If creating a soul is adaptive, excellent. If having one is adaptive, excellent. If neither, at the very least I will embrace the sheer, bloody gorgeousness of it all. Whatever the case, Darwin and I hold hands every step of the magnificent journey. Without his theory, the colors would be dim, the sharpness faded and the thrills cheap.

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How to do Dark/Grunge photoshop editing?

Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me out. I have Photoshop CS5 and I was wondering how to do edits such as this:
I do NOT want to do the whole HORROR or the thing like she has on her face, I like how it almost looks like a painting basically. How it looks like a comic book..If that makes sense.
Here's another example:
I apologize I really have no idea what to call this type of editing, but I will be incredibly grateful for whoever can help me out.
Thank you a lot. <3

Using textures and darkening up your images will help a lot for that grungy style. Here's a short tutorial on some tips:

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